Eritrean Human Rights Defenders Eritrea Letter to the Israeli Embassy in The Hague to raise awareness of human rights abuses of Eritreans by the Eritrean regime in Israel

Letter to the Israeli Embassy in The Hague to raise awareness of human rights abuses of Eritreans by the Eritrean regime in Israel

H.E Modi Ephraimm
Ambassador of the state of Israel in Den-haag
Your excellency;

Eritrean justice seekers have been at the forefront of political advocacy effort, raising awareness
about the human rights abuses and political repression occurring in Eritrea.

We are writing to draw your attention about certain people of Eritrean origin who were involved
violent clashes at the demonstration held in peacefully protest, the Eritrean regime sponsored

It is our understanding that the Eritrean embassy in Tel Aviv had orchestrated the event which
had caught the attention of human rights activists and justice seekers resulting in a
demonstration which believed to be a propaganda, intimidation and fundraising event for the
PFDJ regime in Eritrea. Violence ensued during so as pro-government group coordinated by the
Eritrean Embassy came in to clashes with the activists, unfortunately, many were hurt from both
sides including police officers.

Although Eritrean living in Israel are all of them an asylum seekers, who fled from the brutal
regime of Eritrea, it is important to not that, those who support the regime who work closely with
the Eritrean Embassy. The action taken by the regime supporters against the activists raises a
serious question about the veracity of their refugee claim, while they are supporting the brutal
regime of Eritrea.

It has come to our attention some of the pro-government, whom were involved in the violence will
be coming to Canada as part of refugee resettlement and group sponsorship programs. More
over some of them have gone through vetting process prior to the demonstration of September
2, 2023 and are cleared to come to Canada .

Therefore , as concerned citizens we ask you to take our plea in to consideration and extra measures to vet out active supporters of the regime of Eritrea, allowing them to enter Canada
will have serious consequences to safety and security Canadians, particularly an immediate
threat to those of us who call for democracy and human rights in Eritrea.

The ultra-nationalist pro-government groups -Eri-Blood, Eri-Mekete, Eri-Hadelibi and 4G (fourth
front) are active in Europe Canada and Israel. They are known to be violent against human
rights activists using intimidation, defamation including physical assault to silence political
dissent. They work closely with diplomatic missions to conduct espionage on diaspora Eritreans
to maintain absolute loyalty and control of all social affairs including the churches.

Finally we ask your good office to conduct a thorough investigation and sift through and only
allow the genuine refugees in need of protection, and we call to your government, justice
genuine asylum seekers, to give them legal status,remember Geneva agreement 1951 refugee
Convention and its 1967 UNHCR protocol, justice who were injured in the conflict and those
who took to the prison.we have fully respect your government and the people of Israel.
Thank you !!!

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